Robert E. March, Ph.D.; NCSP

Dr. March is the director and founder of Successful Schools, Inc. Successful Schools is a professional development and technical assistant organization with a mission to transform empirical research into practical strategies. He also served as a faculty member at Seattle Pacific University (SPU) & New York University (NYU), where he has taught courses in Adolescent Development, Educational Psychology, Behavioral Assessment, Behavioral Consultation, and Applied Psychology for the Classroom Teacher.

His current research activities focus on positive behavior support as it applies to school wide & classroom systems, policies & practices for reducing the need for and use of out of school suspension, the efficient and effective use of functional assessment methodology to develop individual support plans, and early intervention to prevent reading failure.

Dr. March has worked extensively over the past 25 years as a consultant and trainer for educators across the United States, as well as South America and Europe. He has served as a Senior Advisor & Director of Professional Development to the National Urban Collaborative on Special Education Leadership and provides professional development services to over a dozen Urban Collaborative members. In addition, Dr. March develops online courses that are designed to assist educators with skills needed to develop, implement, and evaluate school-wide behavior plans.

His areas of expertise include; School-Wide Behavior Support, Functional Behavioral Assessment, Meeting the Educational Needs of Students Identified with Emotional and Behavioral Disturbance, Linking Assessment Strategies to Intervention, Curricular & Instructional Adaptation, and Curriculum Development for Students with Disabilities.

Dr. March has served as an elementary classroom teacher, school psychologist, and support services coordinator. Dr. March earned a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon in School Psychology (1998) and is a National Certified School Psychologist (NCSP). He graduated with a BA in Psychology and Elementary Education from University of Colorado (1989) and is a licensed elementary K-8 teacher in the state of Colorado.